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of equal quality of service

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Do Not Invest in Client Development, Unless You Do This
Developing more customers is a feast or famine activity. While the strategies are very subjective, the results are not. And when lead generation and lead conversion are working, the results are exciting - no exhilarating! However, when they are not working, the results could not be more discouraging. And these discouraging results often breed inconsistent, or worse, nonexistent effort.
If you are a student of business than perhaps you too have been perplexed by how two professional practices that appear equal in so many ways can have such drastic variations in their level of success. One practice develops an abundance of leads and an abundance of customer revenue opportunities and begins to monopolize the competition. Through consistent lead generation, lead conversion and business acquisition, it expands into a large multinational corporation. Another professional practice, of equal quality of service, run by professionals of equal intelligence and work ethic, is often hampered by customer scarcity, and represents more of a time-consuming job to the owner than a rewarding and profitable business.
Well let us assure you, lead generation and lead conversion represent two of the defining factors between customer abundance and customer scarcity. Lead capturing and customer service are also significant culprits, however lead generation and lead conversion are where the prospect relationship begins! So the logical question to ask is - what marks the difference between success and failure?
Two marketing issues will contribute to your lead generation and lead conversion success, or lack thereof. These marketing issues include (i) marketing exposure; and (ii) message relevance.
Marketing exposure considers the best strategy to communicate or channel a specific marketing message to members of your target markets. Remember, if your target clients do not know that you exist, than they will not be able to become leads. Marketing exposure is achieved through lead generation and lead conversion channels which may include online and offline advertising, allied resource networking and referrals, social networking, video or article marketing, canvassing, direct mail, your website, customer events, customer networking, email marketing, mobile marketing, telemarketing, seminars and webinars, novelties, and broadcasting.
Message relevance considers whether the content of your marketing campaign is consistent with the subconscious emotional wants and conscious rational needs that drive your prospects selection of your classification of professional services. If your messages are not relevant or targeted, than they will not engage your target audience, even if you are able to establish significant exposure. Message relevance requires targeting marketing campaigns on specific customer groups that have similar needs and preferences (niche marketing); developing a critical customer understanding; and positioning your services to generate specific and favorable perceptions and impressions in the minds of your target customers.
In this article, we will focus on the former issue of developing significant marketing exposure amongst targeted niche market sets.
In order to develop significant marketing exposure, three important tasks must be carried out. These tasks include (i) identifying a targeted niche market opportunity, (ii) determining the places where members of this niche market congregate; and (iii) brainstorming the best strategies to favorably communicate or channel your marketing message.
Identifying Niche Market Groups. Targeted marketing requires that you focus client development campaigns on niche markets. Remember if you are not focusing on niche markets, than your marketing messages will not be relevant and targeted and your lead generation and lead conversion rates will be compromised. This does not mean that you need to focus your services on niche markets, but rather each individual marketing campaign. A niche market can be defined by the profile of its members and the type of services that are required.
For instance, if we consider real estate agents, than niche markets may include young professionals, middle-aged families or empty nesters. Their unique real estate interests may include freehold townhouses, luxury condominiums, or single family homes. Each represents a select real estate interest. However niche markets may also be defined by their specific service needs. For real estate, these may be property buying or property selling. Than our highly targeted niche real estate market may be middle-aged professionals, interested in selling their starter condominium, or upgrading to a single family home,mulberry handbags, in a select target area.
The most important considerations when identifying niche markets opportunities are as follows - (i) do the members of this niche market have similar service needs? and (ii) will they be motivated by similar marketing communications?
If you have moderate to high level of experience, than you are most likely aware of the needs of specific market groups. This will address the first consideration. However, as for selecting the most targeted service communications and service communication channels, it will be imperative that you carry out an assessment of the internal and external motivations, a discipline often referred to as customer psychographics, and beyond the scope of this article.
Determine Where Niche Markets Congregate. Once you have identified niche markets with similar needs, the next step is to determine where members of these niche groups congregate.
Members of a niche group may congregate in specific living or working areas, gyms and recreational facilities, conferences and tradeshows, websites, social networks, trade magazines, restaurants, educational facilities,mulberry outlet, broadcast channels, and social institutions. By the way, each of these arenas offers excellent opportunities to channel targeted and relevant marketing messages and generate significant lead generation and lead conversion exposure.
The best strategy for determining where members of your niche markets congregate is to carry out a demographic survey. This survey is easy to administer, will not require significant amounts of your time, and will provide you with many valuable insights that will help dictate your future client development efforts.
The following provides a list of select demographic characteristics, and corresponding customer development opportunities. Provided that you're demographic research shows that members of your select target markets have a strong tendency to congregate in these living, working or social spaces, than excellent exposure may be achieved by the corresponding lead generation and lead conversion opportunities.
Home address & phone number: Billboards, Direct Mail, Canvassing, Novelties
Email address: Email Marketing
Age: Advertising, Social Media, Social Networking
Member of Linked In, Facebook, or Twitter: Social Networking
Profession and professional subscriptions: Trade Magazines, Trade Websites
Frequented conventions or tradeshows? Client Events, Conventions and Tradeshows
Work address and phone number: Canvassing, Direct Mail, Novelties, Telemarketing
Transportation to work: Billboard Advertising, Broadcasting
Clubs or social institutions: Advertising, Client Events, Social Functions, Sponsorship
Hobbies or interests: Information Guides, Seminars or Webinars
Magazines or newspapers subscriptions: Advice Columns, Offline Advertising
Service Needs
Greatest service needs: Online Advertising, Forums, Speaking Opportunities, Website Advertising, Blog, Article or Video Marketing
While this above list is certainly not inclusive of all the relevant and targeted demographic characteristics that will provide insights into the spaces where your target markets congregate, it provides you with a framework for understanding some of these select living, working or social arenas, and the corresponding lead generation and lead conversion opportunities.
Customer Development Channels.Once you have determined some of the arenas where you're select niche markets congregate, it is time to select lead generation and lead conversion channels to broadcast your marketing message.
For example, let's consider the first question in the above table asking a prospect for their personal address. If in response to this question, you observed that many of your target clients with similar preferences and needs lived in the same neighborhood, or same street, or even same condo buildings, then this shows that they are congregating or concentrating in close living spaces. A targeted billboard advertisement (for introverted prospects), direct mail campaign (for analytical prospects) or canvassing campaign (for extraverted prospects) could then generate massive exposure at low cost.
Of course marketing exposure will not be the only consideration. You must also consider your customer's response to specific marketing content and marketing messages. And with this in mind, by integrating your understanding of marketing exposure with the study of customer preferences and response to specific marketing messages, then you will have established a comprehensive plan for developing strategies that are certain to out-market, outsell and outperform!
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